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Let's Entertain You
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Recapitulation second Year Project Let's Entertain You

On 28 May 2010 at our secondary school ceremonially we sumed the consecutive year of the work on the project up "Let's Entertain You".
In this year's Uroczystoci our partners took part from Gesamtschule in Hullhorst which at that time visited our school. Pupils prepared their forms of entertainment and interests which are also end products.
During the festival day displays of dances and the theatre were held prepared by our pupils.
Our action is finding sie on the plate DVD, which we sent project partners to everyone with.

The May summary was an incredible experience for students who, supported by parents, teachers and journalists felt acceptation for their interests, hobbies and the results of the work.

We hope that the next project will be equally interesting and unforgettable experience for all participants. Look at the results of our work


Recapitulation first Year Project Let's Entertain You

On the 12th of May 2009 in our junior high school took place festive summary of the first year of work on the “Let’s Entertain You” project. The summary took form of a festival.
Involved students presented the effects of their whole – year work. Everyone showed creativity and their special skills.
Jury contained of both teachers and parents had a really tough nut to crack. After long and hard deliberations, they chose the following winners: First place - group of boys interested in football, the second - multimedia presentation about pupils’ spare time, and on the third place - a videoclip with music in the background. The three winnng projects mentioned above were sent to Holland – the main coordinator of the project. The work is held in two languages, mother-tongues and English which is commonly used in “Let’s Entertain You”.
Participants of partner – countries also worked on creating a song connected with the project. As a result a new DVD was made. Maybe not of professional quality, but it was an effect of teenagers cooperation.
The song has already been recorded ad it’ll become a final product of “Let’s Entertain You” Look at the results of our work


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