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Gimnazjum nr 3
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Welcome to our website devoted to Comenius programme in Gimnazjum 3 - Polish Nobel laureates in Gliwice

The project Comenius - Lifelong learning is one of the forms of the Foundation for the Development of Education System, which supports activities related to the reform and development of education in Poland.
The program aims to expand European cooperation and exchange in the field of education which include children, adolescents and adults.
Our school has been accepted for the Comenius project among the more than 400 Polish schools.

The duration of this project is September 2008 until July 2010. Throughout this period we're in close co-operation between schools in other European countries. We have been partners schools with the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and Slovakia.

We use various forms of development of the education system, sharing with others their own national culture, customs and traditions as well as learn from other countries what they have to offer us; Looking for common methods of learning to acquire knowledge was for us more enjoyable. Various meetings are organized so that students can present their skills.
A large emphasis will be placed on the music. Pupils are working on the song theme for the project. The cooperation is in close contact with students from partner countries through the Internet, as well as directly through international exchange, which is visiting schools in those countries.

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rok szk. 2009-2010

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