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International cooperation in years 2005 – 2008.
Beginnings of participation in programme.

Since October 2005 our secondary school have started cooperation with schools from foreign countries: Holland, Romania, Germany, Belgium and Turkey.
All schools have worked on one project. The subject was connected with feeding habits. Pupils, who joined the cooperation, obtained e-mail addresses from friends from countries above.
They had Internet contacts. Participants of this project made presentations about them, our school and the city. These presentations were sent to the partners. We got similar correspondences from friends abroad.
Students completed questionnaire connected with feeding, which results were compared with results from partner’s schools. We were counting BMI ( Body Mass Index). Another student’s work was to do the interview with their grandparents about feeding habits in one’s youth and shared new information with friends from other countries.
Four students from our school went by bus to Germany to international meeting with all working schools at the Comenius’ project. It was new experience for all the students as they could exercise their language skills. They could meet and get to know better their partners who until now they had contact with by Internet.
First Coordinators in international cooperation were Mrs. Mariola Bucher and Mrs. Aleksandra Szczepanik.



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