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Let's Entertain You
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Project:    Let’s entertain you - Step by Step

Step 0

        Preparing receivers for mp 3 listening
        Getting acquainted with a website of the project

Step 1

        Making the list of Comeniusa participants into the Microsoft Excel
        Choice of the song to the Comenius anthem
Taking the school Comenius group and brigades !!!
Putting photographs on the Comenius portal

Step 2

        Allotting partners to pupils, beginning the correspondence e-mails
        Looking after so that the exchange of e-mails matches the plan

Step 3

        Creating brigades. Every group is counting 4 – 6 persons and is choosing his type
        of entertainment which he will present and which will be a part of the plate DVD –
        of end product:
         » Song + karaoke
        (contemporary or the one, with which they listened parents)
         » Video clip (description of the game: rules, history what is teaching …)
         » Dance
         » Stage play (free topic)
         » Animated cartoon (of e.g. taking + animation, comic book, presentation)
Setting every group:
Every group is creating its type of entertainment
Every group is preparing 2 sides of the information small book for the DVD
      p.1 is a title page
      p.2 the description of entertainment and translating into working language
Everyone are drawing an advertising poster up to the DVD
Groups are writing the article about their work

Setting every school:
Writing and singing + recording the song - of Comenius anthem
Recording of the plate the DVD with all forms of entertainment
     (according to the group work)
      the first side - Cover to the surface DVD
      the second side - small book with texts and translation

Day 1

        Every task is remaining given to pupils as the plan for the accomplishment !!!

Step 1a

        Presentation of personal posters
        Contacts with electronic mail

Step 1b

        Presentation on the portal WIKI
          (up-to-date information about pupils, school, work…)

Step 2

        Of comparing forms of our entertainment and parents
        Interview with parents
        (it is possible to add taking parents dating back to the youth)

Step 3

        Writing lyrics to the song
        Writing short stories about forms of entertainment
          (description of one's entertainment )
        Preparing the karaoke for the song
        Groups are choosing the form of entertainment and they are writing the plan to it
      Pupils are giving to teachers for accepting !!!

after Day 1  and   before Day 2

Day 1
Exchange of personal posters

Step 2
         Chat No. 1
        Presumable topics to chating:
         » friedship
         » spending the free time
         » sports
         » school

        Chat will be to topics mentioned above,
        We are working according to the form received from the coordinator.

Day 2

Step 1

         » interviews
      Pupils are bringing interviews to teachers with the date of sending
      to partners

Step 2

        He concerns Netherlands … (chief coordinator)

Step 3

        We are putting three best intelligence services on the website:

        Everywhere we are using the name of the project: Let’s entertain you

Step 4

        Recording and editing of entertainment
        Brigades have 1 day in order to create the specific form of entertainment

Step 5

        Recording very vocals of the song

Day 3

Completion of the project !!!

        Brigades have the completed small book to the DVD
        Implementation of a plan - Comenius Day
        Everything is signed by pupils and leading teachers.

Step 1

Work in the Internet movie maker

Step 2

        Designing two pages of the small book about the format a-4 containing:
          » title
          » composition of the group
          » taking the group
          » description of contents
       (if he is a song is words in Polish and with English)
       (if he is a film is a description of what is done also in two tongues)

Step 3

        Designing by groups of two covers the DVD
        and voting for the winner in the Internet

        1. The cover for the school DVD is supposed to contain:
          » name of the project
          » logo
          » I will name schools
        2. The international cover is supposed to contain:
          » name of the project
          » logo
          » names of partner schools

Step 4

          » Proposed programmes, in which performed works will be:
          » Fotoshop
          » Microsoft Word
          » The manual plastic work and the done snapshot of this work
        A competition for the best cover will be held !!!
        We are placing proposed covers on:
        Pupils are making the voting…

Step 5

        They are singing the Comeniusa song and keen pupils are recording

Step 6
Creating of the plate the DVD

Step 7

        Choosing the Polish song for oneself with grounds,
        why we like her and to translate her into the English

Step 8

        Authoring to the festival which will be undergone
        in April or May

Organization of the festival day !!!
They participate apart from the school Comeniusa group :

                   » Parents
                   » Students
                   » Teachers
                   » Journalist
                   » Invited Guests (e.g. from the municipal office)

        1. During the festival every group will describe its product
        2. Voting for the best product will be held
        3. For winner (1.2 and 3 place) will receive a prize

Suming up the work on the project Let's Entertain You!

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