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Let's Entertain You
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What now we are dealing with ...

On 28 May 2010 suming up the work on the project will be held in our school: Let's Entertain You from Comenius program.
We are inviting cordially all pupils and Parents!!!

10:00 Beginning - the Greeting is having staying
Suming up the work on the project
Presentations of best entertainment
Comenius song
11:15 Break - invitation to the café
11:45 Artistic part
Mini student theatre
Shared photograph
12:30 End

At present 68 students and a few teachers are working on Comenius project. We have been carrying out Let’s Entertain You Project - learning through entertainment for two years. Our students send e-mails to the partners and participate in chats with partner schools.

Each student prepared a poster about her or his life, hobbies and families. The posters were sent to the partners they correspond with.

One of the Comenius task was to chose a song for a Comenius anthem. The song by Lilly Allen - The Fear lyrics which was proposed by our students finalny became the winner. The students have to write their own lyrics to this song. The best tekst will be the third verse of the international project’s anthem.

There was also international competetion on the most interesting student’s link. Germany, Turkay i Slovakia chose as the best the link designed by Kacper Jaszcz from 1D, whereas the link prepared by Kamila Krowiak from 1E was favoured by Netherlands - CONGRATULATIONS!

"Comenius Day 2" - an effect of our work is a song:

Verse # 3
I want to be free and have skin like honey
I don’t care about troubles even lack of money
I still missed something and I suddenly mentioned
To start socializing Comenius cooperation

I’ll give up current life which was totally hopeless
And I start to work out what is really important
I want to go through the world and try to make friends
We are gonna do great things with our bare hands
I don’t care about things which don’t matter at all
I just want to be part of this amazing world
Where people from different countries want to connect
That’s the exact aim of Comenius project. YES!

We thank the first group for an interesting idea to the text of the song.

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