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Gimnazjum nr 3
Let's Entertain You
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Meeting of young people and teachers in Netherland:
Picasso Lyceum - Zoetermeer
September 2007.

At the beginning of implementing the project "Let's Entertain You",
a group of students under the care of Mrs Bucher and Mrs Wiecek went on a meeting to their partner school in the Netherlands.
Tom says:
School was fully equiped, but the hosts complained about bad state of the building so they built a new one. Our partners have prepared attractions, among them were: Bike tour around the lake, trip by the sea, although it was too cold to swim in. We played volleyball there. Once we had a sports day when we played various games in pairs. We won the competition.
Everything was cool except that my school friends fed the swan with my chips... (haha). Being on the exchange in the Netherlands I believe was one of the most successful trips.


Meeting of young people and teachers in Poland:
Gimnazjum 3 - Gliwice
November 2008.

November is the time for our school visits. On 24-28 November we hosted at our school and families, students and teachers from the partner countries of the project. A sizable group of them was the first time in Poland. We had many sport and cultural attractions for our guests. We showed them historical parts of our city. Students had the opportunity to participate in classroom activities.
Despite not very pleasant winter weather, the meeting was very attractive and successful.
So says Dominica:
As part of the Comenius meeting in Poland, I hosted my colleague from the Netherlands. Together we participated in activities organized by our teachers. And in the afternoon we met with others in leisure activities, to show our foreign associates our entertainment, interest and Polish culture.
In the evening we spent time at home, talking, joking and playing billiards. Last day we went on a trip to Krakow. In the evening before departure to the Netherlands my parents invited all the teachers and students to dinner.
During the meeting I had the opportunity to acquire some element of culture from Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia and Turkey, and improve my English.


Meeting of young people and teachers in Turkey:
Özel Nilüfer Yildirim Ilkögretim Okulu - Bursa
Marc-April 2009.

March 28, 2009 four students and two teachers went to Turkey, where another meeting participants in Comenius project partners. Stay lasted several days and had many experiences. When we saw the school in which they learn to our Turkish partners are "done to us jealous" that they have such a school and learning conditions. Very large school, lots of space and aule the academy. Class appliances, computers, musical instruments, cabinets in question. It should be noted, however, that this is a private school and the teacher is one of the most prestigious jobs this country - until August did not want to come back ...
Kasia schoolgirl statement:
When I was in Turkey to burn the house of my friend. It was for me, other *, but I liked. Przylecieliœmy plane to Istanbul to Bursa sail boat and traveled by car. The ship was very cold and we had a long car journey to Bursa. In Bursa traveled on skis and had a great playing with. Our group was also in the shop. We went together with a friend to her school. There, we had lessons. I liked my first visit to Turkey.


Meeting young people and teachers in Slovakia:
Gymnázium - Spišská Nová Ves
September-October 2009.

Five pupils and two teachers, attended the partner meeting on Slovakia.
Statement meeting attendee Adam:
From 28.09 to 02.10 2009 I participated in student exchanges under the Comenius project. I was in Slovakia in Spisska Nova Ves. In addition to students and teachers were present in Polish and Germans, Dutch, Turks, and of course the Slovaks. In total there were about 40 participants. The program was very eventful stay. The first day when we arrived, we met families who have lived and spent the evening with them. On Tuesday, we presented students from other countries of our projects. On Wednesday we visited the ruins of Spis Castle. The next day we went to the mountains, then the so-called "Goulash - Party. On Friday we left.
During the trip I met many interesting people from other countries. I hope that I will maintain contact with them.


Meeting young people and teachers in Germany:
Gesamtschule - Hüllhorst
April 2010r.

Next meeting behind us... On days 26 to 29 April we survived unforgettable moments in Hüllhorst, where was held next (last in the project Let's Entertain You) coming across partner schools.
Kacper is talking:
We arrived to Bad Oeynhausen by bus early in the morning, there families, at which we were supposed to stay overnight came for us. There was a little time to have a nap. Then we went with our guides to Germany to the school to see how at them lessons look like .. . All over it everyone had the leisure time with the family. On Tuesday after presentations the entire group i.e. pupils from Germany, Slovakia, Turkey and Poland went to the rope park and with evening for bowling. On Wednesday at the beginning of the day we did the graffiti about Comeniusie. Later we toured Hameln- the city well-known for the legend of the rat-catcher. In this city we also visited the museum of manufacturing the booze. With evening everyone met on barbeque at one of persons being included in a project. Into the closing date we took classes at school with our carers, where we had cookery lessons. Next we had what we had prepared, for lunch. After the meal on the golf course we learnt to play golf. During next barbeque, officially a Comeniusa meeting in Hullhorst ended. Each of us obtained the gift from Hullhorst. With late-night we left to Poland.


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